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Mira Gittner

Actress, cinematographer, editor


Mira Gittner began her acting at the age of ten and has since then performed in numerous film and television productions. After finishing her acting school in 1990, she had various engagements at theatres such as the Bavarian State Opera in Munich as acting soloist in La Traviata, with the World Theatre Project in New Delhi or the Theatre Institute in Munich. Since 1998 Mira Gittner is, besides acting, also working as cinematographer and editor. In 2001 she had her debut in directing (besides the cinematography, editing and producing) with the short Call it Love.

In 2003 she was member of the jury at the International Film festival for Children in Cairo.

Mira Gittner was awarded PRODUCER OF THE YEAR 2000 at the Bavarian Film center Geiselgasteig for her acting performance in the psycho thriller THE ROOM, BEST FEMALE ACTOR AWARD 2001 at the Melbourne Underground Film festival and with the SPECIAL AWARD FOR MONTAGE IN FEATURE FILM 2003 at the Panorama International Film festival in Thessaloniki for her editing of the satirical comedy PENTAMAGICA.

press comment:


„If you happened to have seen her in Roland Reber’s new film „The Dark Side of our Inner Space“...the strange acrid edge of her acting talent could not have eluded you. You might have felt in retrospect the dark cry in her visage as though she had crunched her teeth on the worm in the apple of our desire. We saw her exposing the raw fibres of our psychological constitutions, to glare at the hidden contents in the forms that we are, almost with the intensity of a Klaus Kinski face in „Aguirre, the Wrath of God“...This incredible actress is the diminutive Mira Gittner from Munich...And among all her works, the one that would dwell memorable for a long time is her soul-searching act in „the Dark Side...“ as we see light falling on her piercing and timeless gaze while she utters „Where does it start?“...“
Romain Maitra, film and performing arts critic and former
cultural advisor for the Unesco, excerpt of Star File:
„Talent & the Self: Mira Gittner“, The Statesman, 23.11.2003, India