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short synopsis



Three women – no moral


„Morality is the excuse for those who don’t dare to live their truth.“


Michaela (Mira Gittner), Gabriela (Marina Anna Eich) and Lucy (Antje Nikola Mönning)

are angels of vice. On their motorbikes they ride through the countryside to live their lust.

They could see a lot, but only see themselves. They call themselves angels. But they are angels with dirty wings.

To be a full member of the angel’s exile paradise Lucy has to prove herself and meet challenges.

The new Film of Roland Reber and Mira Gittner is an anthem on immorality. A holy song of egoism and a painful study about our time and a generation who lends their feelings.

Only castrated angels need moral.


director's statement


“For me moral is just a form of pressure of society against the individual. The whole world follows the rules, which are imposed by moral. For me nothing is more boring than a movie that pretends to transmit a moral message. For that reason ANGELS WITH DIRTY WINGS has been created, an immoral work about three angels who leave heaven out of boredom. When other angels bored themselves to death, they swore to live their lust and vice on earth. They are angels with dirty wings.” (Roland Reber)


"angels with dirty wings" is a painful study about our time, a fugue about a generation that lends its feelings.